PicoTorrent v0.15.0

Release notes

PicoTorrent v0.15 comes with a few fixes and also brings back the feature to move completed downloads which was forgotten in the wxWidgets rewrite. Sorry about that! There has also been a few fixes to resolving paths which are based on the crash dumps that gets sent, so keep sending crash dumps. They help! 😄

It also comes with the option to encrypt the configuration file. This can be enabled from the advanced preferences panel, and is recommended.

:shipit: Features

  • Encrypt the configuration file. (#600)
  • Move completed downloads. (#590)
  • Set OK as default button in add torrent dialog. (#588)

🐛 Fixes

  • Use correct directory for configuration file when running as portable. (#584)

🎏 Languages

  • Updated Russian translation. (#595 and #599).