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Release notes

With the warm spring weather comes a fresh new release of PicoTorrent straight from the app bakery here in Stockholm 🌞 It's been a while since the last release, so here's a recap of what's new since last time!

🐛 The bug fixes

  • #1126 - Use a static UUID for single instance checking to better avoid multiple instances - by @SadE54
  • #1138 - Fix assigning labels when multiple torrents are selected
  • #1141 - The delete key removes the torrent when tracker view has focus

💟 The feature additions

  • #1124 - When adding files from the command line, users can now pass the save path to use as well - by @SadE54
  • #1136 - Support sorting by torrent status
  • #1137 - Torrent ratio is calculated using all_time_upload / torrent_size
  • #1164 - Support label filtering in PQL

❤️ The love (updated translations)

💵 As always - I'm on GitHub sponsors if you want to support development.
🗨️ If you just want to hang out, head on over to the PicoTorrent Discord server