PicoTorrent v0.23.0

Release notes

Read the full release notes in the blog - Behind the release - v0.23. You can also download PicoTorrent from FossHub if that's your thing!

This release comes in extra 🌶️ with the addition of PQL - a query language 🥵 👌


🐛 The bug fixes

  • Better Unicode handling (#973, #977)
  • Cancel buttons now translated correctly.

💟 The feature additions

  • A better 'Open file' dialog which can handle lots more files than the one
    in wxWidgets. (#979)
  • Added a piece progress bar. (#996)
  • A better 'Add torrent' dialog which gives more room to files and content. It
    also lets users add trackers to the torrent. (#999)
  • Made the Overview panel resize better. (#1000)
  • Added an embedded query language to allow users to filter the torrent list view
    in an effective way. (#1007)

📃 The misc items

  • Updated to wxWidgets 3.1.4. (#991)
  • Removed loguru as dependency and instead added Boost.Log since we already
    depend on Boost.
  • Updated Cake and related build tools.
  • Updated libtorrent to latest RC_2_0 version. (#1003)

💘 The love (updated languages)

💵 As always - I'm on GitHub sponsors if you want to support development.
🗨️ If you just want to hang out, head on over to the PicoTorrent Discord server