PicoTorrent v0.21.0

Release notes

ℹ️ Full release notes in the blog - Behind the release - v0.21.

You can also find PicoTorrent on FossHUB!

In a nutshell 🐒

  • Updated Russian translations, by @birkoffe (#887)
  • Updated French translations, by @TechAdvancedCyborg (#890, #893)
  • Updated Indonesian translations, by @zmni (#896)
  • Fixed issues with how the torrent file tree is generated. (#898)
  • The ability to create torrents is finally here! It's not a groundbreaking feature at all, but it's now part of PicoTorrent and it supports creating both v1 and v2 torrents. (#892)
  • The preferences dialog now supports restoring most settings to their default value. Also, a width issue was fixed. (#899)
  • Fixed issues with preloading magnet links. (#910)

⚠️ Upgrading might cause your default language to be reset.

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