PicoTorrent v0.22.0

Release notes

🌶️ It's a spicy one! Read the full release notes in the blog - Behind the release - v0.22.

You can also download PicoTorrent from FossHub if that's your thing!

Label support is here! It landed in #914 and has been improved in #965 and #967. It opens up some sweet possibilities in the future and please drop all your cool suggestions in issues so we can keep track of all ideas you have! For now, labels can control the save path and the coloring.


  • Updated translations - Dutch, French, Norwegian, Hindi, Indonesian, Russian 👀
  • Added a save resume data timer to minimize the data loss if PicoTorrent crashes. (#928)
  • Fixed some unicode issues. (#925)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented restoring column states when starting PicoTorrent. (#927)
  • Added a dialog to restart PicoTorrent if needed (a few settings requires a restart). (#929)

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🗨️ If you just want to hang out, head on over to the PicoTorrent Discord server