Welcome to the official PicoTorrent website and blog!

PicoTorrent is a brand new BitTorrent client for Windows (Vista and above), written in modern C++14. We made PicoTorrent to bring BitTorrent clients back to basics, carefully introducing features while keeping memory usage low. We are currently in the early early stages of something we believe in, however it is already usable and its features should support day-to-day usage.

Highlighted features

  • Windows shell integration. Magnet links and torrent files will open with PicoTorrent.
  • Low memory usage. The ‘Pico’ in PicoTorrent is something we take seriously, and we always try to keep memory usage low.
  • Fast startups.
  • High performance. PicoTorrent is built on libtorrent which is a high performance BitTorrent library used by several of the most popular BitTorrent clients.